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Oncology Product


User Research, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Management

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One of the most common complaints from healthcare providers is that they don't have the time to fully engage with their patient during an appointment. This is especially true for a group of oncology nurses and researchers trying to collect 350 patient data points during a 1-hour session, using only paper charts and surveys. I worked closely with the oncology clinic staff to design the software, systems, and processes that would support a more efficient data collection process, without sacrificing the patient-provider relationship.

*Designs, client profile, and project specifics cannot be shared due to confidentiality concerns.

User Research

I conducted many on-site interviews and work sessions with the clinic staff to better understand their pain points, goals, and current workflows. These were a few of my key findings:

  • Computers are a barrier to patient communication during appointments.

  • It is tedious for clinicians to enter data collected via paper forms into the EMR because the formatting is not consistent.

  • It is difficult to collect 350 patient data points in one hour without making the appointment feel like an interrogation.

  • This clinic attracts the "healthy/curious" patient, who is likely to be moderately or highly anxious during appointments.


My research helped me define a comprehensive feature "wishlist," product roadmap, and list of MVP requirements. My team worked closely with hospital IT during this stage to ensure HIPAA compliance and create a plan for EMR integrations. I also created user stories, user flows, and technical specifications to guide the design and development process.

UX/UI Design

I used Figma to design wireframes for desktop and mobile and Invision to create an early prototype. After getting feedback from the clinic staff, I was able to refine these wireframes and create high-fidelity designs. 

Oncology Software


I managed a team of developers and product managers and worked closely with hospital stakeholders (clinic staff, hospital IT, and hospital innovation strategists) to ensure alignment of goals and execution. I also appointed and worked closely with a Chief Information Security Officer to oversee all HIPAA and privacy-related tasks.

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