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Care Coordination Product


Project Lead, User Research, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Management

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Cannot disclose* | Cadre Health

I joined Cadre Health to lead the redesign of our flagship product, a tool to help hospital case managers and post-acute care staff better coordinate transitions of care. Although robust, the original tool was not well-received when put before users and key project stakeholders. My task was to ensure better product-market fit. After 11 months of joining Cadre, I was appointed project lead.

*Designs, client profile, and project specifics cannot be shared due to confidentiality concerns.

Project Lead

As project lead, I defined product vision, conducted competitive analyses, analyzed market and regulatory trends, set project budgets and roadmaps, created a pilot plan, negotiated and secured strategic partnerships, and oversaw daily project operations. I also directed a successful product rebrand and helped Cadre obtain Client Company status with the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) by pitching before the Board. 

User Research

I conducted dozens of in-person and phone interviews with hospital case managers, healthcare specialists, and post-acute care staff. These were a few of the key problems I found with current  patient discharge workflows:

  • Lack of knowledge regarding insurance information

  • Unreliable transfer of paper documents

  • Disjoined systems and lack of interoperability

  • Patient and family misinformation


From my research, I was able to define a feature "wishlist," product roadmap, and list of MVP requirements. I also worked with developers to create user stories, use case diagrams, technical specifications, and a strategy for hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration.

UX/UI Design

I created sketches, low-fidelity wireframes, and prototypes to map out the system architecture and get early feedback from users and product stakeholders. From there, I worked with another designer to create high-fidelity designs.

Care Coordination Product

I managed a team of remote developers and product managers and worked closely with several key external product stakeholders. I also appointed and worked closely with a Chief Information Security Officer to oversee all HIPAA and privacy-related tasks.


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